Geovision CRCP is a Cooperative Research Centre Project (CRC-P) which will deliver intelligent vision, sensing and data fusion for mining and exploration.

Geovision CRCP will develop and commercialise an integrated solution to improve, support and automate decision making at exploration and mining drill sites.

We will combine multi-sensory core scanners, data fusion and machine learning capabilities to capture geological and structural data not currently collected or analysed.

Exploration and mining companies currently do not maximise the amount and types of information from each drilled hole and extracted core.

Core is usually taken to a laboratory for analysis but potentially valuable information may be lost due to the effort and time required. There are also limits to what humans can visualise and interpret, with the results—in multiple formats and both qualitative or quantitative—only available weeks, or even months later.

Industry is thus faced with the problem of reaching swift strategic decisions based on incomplete or poorly correlated information.

Industry has identified a need for more machine sensing, interpretation and data integration in the drilling process for mineral exploration and geological work flows. The ‘digital mine’ of the future requires these technologies.

Geovision CRCP will be developed in and exported from Australia as a value-add service in the METS industry offering invaluable decision-making in exploration and mining by rapidly acquiring novel information from core and providing outputs in real-time.

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