The University of Adelaide is one of Australia’s most research-intensive institutions and a place where world-leading researchers come together in first class facilities to address some of the world’s grand challenges.

The University of Adelaide offers world-leading researchers, modern facilities and an innovative, interdisciplinary culture, combined with a commitment to delivering research that is highly valued by our local and global communities.

The interdisciplinary research team from The University of Adelaide involved with Geovision CRCP contributes key complementary expertise in core earth science, computer science and geochemical engineering fields. Researchers from the School of Computer Science, ranked among the world’s leading research groups in computer vision and with a growing reputation in statistical machine learning, contribute nation-leading expertise in image understanding, deep learning and applications in natural language processing.

Earth scientists bring skills in geology, mineralogy, geochemistry, structural geology and an understanding of how mineral deposits and associated hydrothermal alteration are formed.

Through existing partnerships with South Australia’s minerals industry, they offer knowledge of the unique and challenging geological environments in the state and nationally, and assisted by the university’s state-of-the-art microanalytical facilities, offer insights into how simple observations or measurements on drill core can be translated, over time, into new mineral discoveries.


Professor Chunhua Shen

School of Computer Science, University of Adelaide

Dr Damith Ranasinghe

School of Computer Science, University Adelaide

Professor Nigel Cook

School of Chemical Engineering, University of Adelaide

Associate Professor Yung Ngothai

School of Chemical Engineering, University of Adelaide